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Alternator whine (Stereo)

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Some of you may remember that I bought a bluetooth didgery for my Cruze. Well - one day I suddenly noticed that whenever I was on BT Audio, I had alternator whine and engine-speed buzzing. It's been a few days and I finally got ticked off with it... I thought maybe I had blown the power smoother/de-coupler in one of my cigarette lighter/USB converters. So I pulled the plugs out, and lifted the wires... and I found that someone had moved the front passenger seat while the cables were dangling... it had got under the seat sliders and some insulation had got stripped: while it was touching the seat metalwork I was getting the noise.

Stripped back, cut, reconnected, soldered, taped: all now absolutely fine and I've re-routed the cables so they don't fall that far any more.

So why did I post this? Just to share an experience and hope that nobody else lets themselves get as slack as I am at routing cables around their car's driving compartment :)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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