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Aluminum Foil Heat Wrap

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Whatever you end up doing you need to heat wrap the metal tubes on the injen. If you don't they heat up and its no longer a cai. More like a hot as f*ck air intake. Lol

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This is an old ass thread, and I searched heat wrap and this came up. I initially thought of this because a guy at my local races has a turbo Volvo with the intake tube going right over the valve cover, and he covered the pipe that goes from the IC to the intake mani wrapped in exhaust wrap. A guy on a Miata forum said that the heat wrap helps a lot, has anybody heat wrapped our intakes?
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I wrapped the lower rubber hose, and by wrapping it fairly tightly, I have realized that the lower tube does infact expand under load as the foil has some rips in the side in a straight line that are consistent with expansion. The plastic cool side hoes have been wrapped but will get another wrapping of something thicker to further isolate heat soak.
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