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Hi, ALL!
The Chevrolet Cruze LT, 2017, automatic six-speed transmission, was in an accident in the front, the engine was not damaged, only the bumper, hood and some body elements were damaged.
The car was bought at an auction in 2019 and delivered to Ukraine, where it was purchased by me after restoration.
The master who carried out the restoration was preparing the car for sale, therefore he treated his work negligently, which I gradually learn during the operation and slowly correct its shortcomings.
We have practically no repairmen for such machines, the same problem with dealers, so we have to figure it out on our own. It is often several times cheaper to buy a spare part in the USA than locally, but long delivery (about a month, if by sea, air is faster, but expensive).
In general, I like the car, only a small clearance for our roads (our roads are in very poor condition), so a metal crankcase protection was immediately installed, which has saved more than once.

PS I apologize in advance for the texts, my native language is Russian, everything is translated by Google translator
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