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Amp Gain Setting

1987 8
I have the AA-GM44 Pac line out converter. I want to set my gains right on my amp so I won't blow my sub. I have set my gain on my amp with a multimeter and with 1500 watts at 2 ohms I read a AC voltage of around 55 at a 50hz tone but with my gain all the way up it only reads to 48 AC volts . Should I keep this gain all the way up if it's showing its not giving enough? Or should I match the gain with the voltage output of the radio? What is the cruze's radio voltage output? Or does the PAC have a voltage output I should match. Please help
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The problem people run into is that the various car chimes runs though the radio. If you have the amp cranked up, those sounds get cranked up too.

As such, you may want to stick to "unity" gain or a little above on the amp.

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Did you get any instructions with the LOC for installation ?
What model amp do you have installed ?
What is the Subs RMS rated at ?

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I'm not clipping the amp. It seems like I'm not getting a big enough power from the PAC converter. The gain is set all the way and is showing its not giving enough power. PAC is turned all the way up
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