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Amsoil 5

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Morining all! I have a 2010 Holden Cruze 2.0TDI. I have noticed that changing gears is really clunky when cold. The book recommends 75w-90 but i have seen everyone rave about amsoil synchromesh which is 5w-30? Would i be able to use this?

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I don't think it would be wise to use a substantially thinner transmission fluid like Amsoils 5w-30. But Amsoil does make aTransmission fluid for your transmission. Manual Transmission and Transaxle Fluid 75-90. (code MTG) Although it is rated 75w-90 like the petroleum transmission fluid you have in your car, the synthetic fluid has a much different viscosity index (change in viscosity at different temperatures). this means the Amsoil Transmission fluid will be thinner at cold temps and should help your trans shift more smoothly when cold.
If you can find an Amsoil supplier here in Oz, let me know!
Thanks! The owners manual only says 75w90 it does not specify gl4 or gl5? Does it make any difference?

Cheers, Jack
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