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I am at 32,000 miles and I got my automatic transmission fluid changed and switched over to Amsoil ATF.

I have to say what diference. Drives like a different car. Very smooth shifts and when I start in manual mode there is no hesitation and it feels like it has more power. Sometimes starting out in third there was a little hesitation but never in second.

Also my MPG went up .1 since I have drove it today and I just got it changed this morning. Although not sure if it went up because I put in a new air filter but the shifts are much better and I would reocmmend switching over to Amsoil

My dealer is awesome I bring my fluid in and they are more than happy to use it instead of theirs. So they used a machine to get all the old fluid out and replace with the new Amsoil fluid. I had to bring in 3 gallons but it was worth it IMO since I will be holding on to the car for a long time. The only fluid to switch over to Amsoil is the anti-freeze so I will do that at the five year mark when the factory stuff needs changing. Just wish Amsoil was a little easier to get but if it makes my care last longer then I don't mind.
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