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Android Radio Upgrade

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Has anyone on here purchased this or heard of anyone who has?

Chevrolet Cruze Android Touchscreen GPS Navigation Car Stereo

I'm 99% sure the model years are swapped considering I have a '14 and my storage compartment is on the top of dash not the front like the '14 shows. Anyone agree?

Anyways, Based on the pics at the bottom it looks like I can upgrade my small blue/green screen to this and retain everything. Is this to good to be true?
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I'm not sure what you're looking at. It looks like it should fit - however, given the year range, I think it's designed for the Korean-built Cruze. How well it would work in a US-built Cruze, I don't know. And, you'd want to confirm about map data for the US. You wouldn't want to install it and find your lifetime maps is only for Asia. And Android 4.4.4 is a bit old now. Current is 7.1.1. I'm not sure if 4.4.4 is still updated/patched or for how much longer it will be. Not a problem - as long as you never connect it to any kind of a network connection.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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