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Another 6x9 sub question...

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Okay, so I know if you had the upgraded sound system, the rear deck would have a pair of 6x9s installed in it that would be set up to be subs or base only. I know a handful of people on here have asked about putting in 3ways there etc and that it is pretty much pointless due to the lack of sound performance. But has anyone followed the factory route and put a pair of 6x9 subs there and added a small amp to there base model sound system? I have the base model system and already have an audio control LC2I left over from my old colorado and I've ran the necessary wires to the back when I did my backup camera install. Just thinking that maybe the 6x9 route would be the less intrusive and would save on trunk space. If not does anyone have a good recommendation on a slim box and sub combo? I'm not looking for crazy bass, but for just a little more bang to the factory system.
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Here is a link to the 6x9 subs I was looking at. 6x9in Speakers
You're probably going to want some 6x9s with a fat magnet on it so they'll be heavy and hopefully keep the sheet metal from rattling too much. I [believe] the Cruze with premium audio has a beefed up shelf to make things more rigid. I would recommend the component set of RE Audio XXX 6x9s. They are basically subwoofers with how much excursion they allow and the size of the magnet. They're something like 240w RMS too. Since they'll come with extra tweeters, maybe throw those up front to replace the factory ones.

They're the ones listed at the top here: RE AUDIO - Components/Fullranges

Here's a great video to see their 6.5s in action:
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