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Another bad automotive joke, the bubble flare.

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Used mostly in brake lines as opposed to the proven double flare. The double flare requires two operation, first to expand the tubing, second to press it in for a double thickness. Like this photo shows.

Has plenty of meat at the connection and could tighten the heck out of it.

Whereas the bubble flare the metal at the end was thinned out to practically nothing, and the bubble has to be perfect. Tighten this a tad too much and would distort that bubble and get leaks, course if not tight enough, would also leak.

So why did the adopt the bubble flare? Only one operation instead of two to make the bean counters happy, the heck with our safety. That thin metal would also rust out twice as quick.
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Most old guys I know still use the single flare. Which then cracks and fails.
Hey Nick are those Breaklines even used in the Manufacture of Vehichles any more ?
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Good question, mostly found the bubble flare in proportioning valves, but getting away from that by pulsing the fluid to the rear wheels with the ABS module.

This is one I have found about bubble flares.

"DIN/ISO or “Bubble Flares” are common on many import vehicles especially European vehicles. The flare is essentially the “first step” on the way to making a double flare. Although they’re similar, you should never interchange double flare and bubble flare parts. Most auto manufacturers started switching over to bubble flares in the 80’s."
I double flare everything. Nevermind that "don't interchange flares" garbage.
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