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Another Fuel Filter Question

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Hello all.

In an attempt to change my fuel filter, I ordered a new fuel filter, part # 23456595, from GM Parts Direct. I received the filter, and last weekend I went to change it. When I removed the old filter, I noticed it was different than the one I had received. The filter removed from my car looked exactly like the one pictured below (picture reposted from This Thread). It has the six tabs on the bottom of the filter which "lock" in to the tabs inside of the filter housing.

Yellow Water Wheel Auto part Rim

I had read about the change from the original part number 22937279 to 23456595 which supposedly has a solid circle instead of tabs. @revjpeterson talked about this change both in @diesel 's Fuel Filter DIY Thread and in the Fuel Filter Part Numbers thread.

However, the filter I received from GM Parts Direct had neither the tabs nor the solid circle.
Product Auto part Rotor

The top of the filter has GM#23459023 on it even though my invoice from GM Parts Direct has the correct number, 23456595.

I contacted GM Parts Direct thinking they pulled the wrong filter, and they are claiming that part #23459023 does not exist and that I do have the correct filter. I am not able to find anything using a search with that number either.

It seems as though the person in the first thread I linked may have had a similar filter as they describe it as "Diesel Cruze Fuel Filter w/o Clamps".

I have not tried to fit this filter in the housing to see if it will fit snug as I don't want to void being able to return it. It seems identical to the old filter in all ways except the bottom circle/clamps/tabs.

For those of you who have changed your own filters, have you run across this? What does your most recent one look like?
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It appears this is the correct filter. I guess I'll go ahead and try and install it. At least I've got some documentation from a GM parts supplier should something go wrong. I sent them several pictures of what I received, and I received this screenshot in the response:


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