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Long story short, I was driving down the interstate and some metal object flew up and impaled my rear tire, blowing it out, AND it took a good chunk out of my rim. Of course, Eco's don't have my spare so luckily I have free roadside assistance and was towed to the nearest tire shop and they put a brand new tire on my rim. Problem is, where the object took a chunk out of the edge of my rim it left jagged, rough edges that the tire shop was saying has a good chance of re-puncturing down the road. At first they didn't even want to put the tire back on but I had to be back home that night, so they did.

This past Thursday I went to my nearest GM dealership and ordered a brand new Eco wheel for $380 PLUS TAX:angry: It finally comes in today, and since I was already at a GM dealership I just had them swap the tire over and balance it etc, etc. So, I go to leave and noticed my old damaged wheel isn't anywhere to be found. I go back in the dealership and asked them they can give me my old wheel back, and they said they're "not supposed to" and that i'd have to speak to the parts manager. So the guy the led me to the parts manager and I asked him where my wheel is, and he claims GM asks for the damaged wheel to be sent back to GM. And in order for me to get the wheel back it would cost me $50. At this point, I was pretty upset because I paid 400 freakin' dollars for a wheel, and don't even get my old one back. Then I said "So, you're telling me If I just would've picked up that new wheel threw it in my backseat and took it to the Firestone on-base, who would mount and balance it for FREE, I would get my old wheel back...??" and he just kinda shrugged his shoulders and said " I guess, yes".

I didn't notice this at the time but I went home and cleaned the "new" wheel off and noticed it has scratches in it, and a mark that looks like its been curbed before! So I can guarantee this isn't a NEW wheel!!

Also, they did a 27-point inspection (which I was never informed of before) and i didn't reset my oil life percentage last time I changed my oil (ohh noooo). So, they changed my oil for free. The only problem is I have with this is I ONLY use full-synthetic oil and I know the crap they use probably isn't full-synthetic. Given, I am 250 miles overdue on an oil change I wasn't to upset about that, but I would be LIVID in they dumped brand new full-synthetic oil.

I tried to go back and ask more questions and show them my not-so-new wheel, but they were closed. So tomorrow I will venture back to GM land.

We're sorry to hear that you had this experience with the dealership, SBK15. If you would like for us to follow up on anything, please don't hesitate to contact us via private message on the forum (include the last 8 digits of your VIN, name and contact information, and the name of the involved dealership).

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