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Yes, GM has no interest in having your old wheel back and Alcoa certainly doesn't. If this were a warranty situation, that would be a completely different story, and even then, they still probably wouldn't have to send it back to GM. To do so, it would mean GM (or Alcoa, in this case) would have to pay to have the wheel UPS'd back to Alcoa's warehouse at their expense. They definitely won't want to do that unless they have a reason to test it or something, because not only do they have to pay for it, but they have to pay to inventory/warehouse it and provide future disposition (scrapping, etc.).

I'd say this is definitely your dealer there trying to pull a fast one. They better be ready to provide full GM documentation showing they are shipping it back if they are going to say that.

How interesting, I bought two Civics(‘83 & '97) and put accessory alloys on each. The dealership put the stock steelies in each car at delivery. I was told I could either take them or they'd put them in the trash as they were "technically" used and they could not put them on another car. The "curb" mark on your replacement wheel might be from the hamfisted backyard hammer mechanic that did the mounting & balancing. It could be from the bead bar being roughly used. Good luck.
Bro, that signature is WAY too in my face. No need to stick it in everyone's face that you have a Civic in lieu of a Cruze. Please reduce the font to the normal size so I don't have to.
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