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2014 LT program car, Pull Me Over Red, 1.4T Auto
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Yeah aren't these cars wonderful?

I'm about to drop a big fat check at the Honda dealership! I was half considering a buying a C8 Corvette but I have been burned by this Cruze so I won't be buying any Cheverolet for as long as I live as a matter of principle!

I just replaced my hoses and "fortunately" had the bumper cover off due to a minor fender bender, otherwise I don't know how you would get that spring clamp on/off
The OP has not been online here since Jan of 2018. Sorry you don't appreciate the Cruze. It has it's issues, but as you see there is a vibrant community here trying to keep it together for as little money as possible. I hope you find a Honda forum to keep you company if you choose to change vehicles. If not, we are still here to help get your Cruze running as best as it could.
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