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Another New Guy

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Just got a 2012 Cruze LT. It's a light metallic blue, 1.4 turbo, 6 speed. looking to do some things to it. Not sure where I'm going to start. More than likely looks. Hope to get some ideas on here and maybe learn a thing or two. I'm sure I'll learn something. Thanks for having me.
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Welcome! So, since they are all 6 speeds, is it auto or manual? Lol! Anyway, enjoy the forums, there are lots of great people here with quite a bit of knowledge of these cars.

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Welcome. I'm guessing you got a manual since you specify 6-speed. Most automatic drivers won't make this comment.
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Welcome and hope you find the information you are looking for we have lots of guys that love modding their cars here.
Welcome ...mines a 6 speed in sport shifting mode (SHIFT DENIED)...uh? what?.....BOOYA!!...LOL
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