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Another obligatory engine ticking p0324 cel

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Hello all. 2013 Chevy Cruze LT 1.4 turbo. Experiencing a ticking noise. Been to the dealer multiple times with the same “we can’t hear it” bs so dealer has been less than useless at everything except taking my money. Went to two different dealers. I checked plugs they are tight, cleaned the electrodes on the coil setup. Intermittent P0324 code and loss of power which feels like it’s pulling timing. Replaced the knock sensor with OEM part. Seen several other posts about this which none seemed to have an update on the root cause or solution. Beginning to think it’s the injectors as the tick sounds like it is coming from that area. Only thing that doesn’t make sense is it is intermittent. Not sure if a bad injector would work intermittently. Before i go and spend 200+ dollars on injectors i figured I’d jump on here first and see if there were others experiencing this. Which it seems like there are.

Any assistance from ones that have had this similar issue with a solution identified, your input would be much appreciated
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