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Another question about rims for the CTD

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Thanks again to all who have posted and answered some basic questions. The next question about the CTD is the lack of a spare tire. I would have purchased snow tires/rims in the late fall however the plan is to get a set of 4 tires, and use one for a spare. I hate the look of steel wheels. Has anyone purchased rims in the GTA? Looking on tirerack they had a very large selection of rims that they claim will fit the CTD. Has anyone ordered rims from tirerack and how well did they fit first time out? thanks again
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Hey @ putercents,

Are you still interested in getting some wheels and tires for your Cruze CTD? Here at CARiD, we have dedicated Wheels&Tires team, those guys really know the stuff and will help you with the fitment and availability.

Call at 800.505.3274 for immediate assistance.

If any additional questions appear feel free to contact me anytime.
I had the winter tires mounted to the stock wheels, and bought a set of MSR wheels to mount the OEM tires to for spring/summer/fall.
I ordered a spare rim/tire from and it was wrong/did not fit. Of course I bought it in June of 2013. Maybe they have updated their info by now.
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i got the obsidian matte black rims from kal tire, stock size.
I was able to find 4 used OEM rims from three different sellers on e-bay.
I was able to find 4 used OEM rims from three different sellers on e-bay.
after shipping to canada, its cheaper to buy new
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