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First off I will state I hope this is something the Cruze will learn(computer) on its own or I might have to start using manumatic or neutral more. When i'm going down hills or coming to a stop the rpms will not go down(wasting gas and staying at about 1500rpm) and at the same time it will almost make me have to accelerate down hill because it's almost braking by itself(im assuming the gearing). When I shift into neutral the car will fall down the hill like it should and the rpm's drop like they should in a normal car. The thing is I feel like I shouldn't have to switch back to neutral and don't wanna risk anything on the transmission since I assume auto's are basically meant to mostly stay in drive. The manumatic seems fun and interesting but i'm not really accustomed, to shifting gears, is it idiot proof?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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