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Antenna base replacement

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Unfortunately my antenna base on my 2015 Cruze was damaged by a car wash. It not only snapped off the stubby I installed last year but cracked the base itself. I know I can purchase an OEM replacement base but my question is, does anyone know of a shark fin style antenna base that I could get to replace the OEM base? I'm not talking about the shark fin covers for the original base, since the base needs to be replaced I want to get a complete shark fin antenna. It needs to be for digital as well as am/fm.
Thank you in advance!
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BNR was reselling these for a while, but dropped it from their catalog.
I have one of these, it works great as the waveguide wire inside the cover acts in place of the arial. It does require a functional base or at least a functional connection on the base. The cover does seal pretty well so if your existing base still works, then the cover should keep the electronics in place.

I imagine the 2nd Gen Cruze uses an integrated base that has a shark fin style cover, but I don't believe that it would be retrofittable.
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