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I have a Chevy Cruze 2010.

The other day when I was cleaning the car, I pulled the part that hides the BCM. Since I realise that it was too dusty, I took it out to clean with air gun. I had done that before and had no problems. I reconnected the BCM and started the car and go.

But this time when the BCM was out and I was inside, my brother came out and wanted to start the car without knowing. Obviously it didn't start. I put the BCM on but now the car is on anti-theft mode with the lock sign on dashboard. When I turn ignition key, dashboard lights come on but the car is not starting. Remote functions of keyfob doesn't work either.
I tried disconnecting battery and waiting, turning ignition on and waiting etc. Basically tried everything that was recommended over the net. None of them worked.

There are ways to reset anti-theft if the keyfob working or program the key when anti-theft is not activated but I have both not working.

Any ideas about how I can fix this?
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