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I replaced my water outlet about 15 months ago (before all the turbo and cat work!) with a Dorman 902-846, hoping that their design and lifetime warranty might make for a better part. Today I had to change it again because the radiator hose connection split -- perfectly ... as if I used a hacksaw and cut a half-inch piece off, which was still in the hose. Luckily it happened in the garage apparently after my son drove home today. Overall didn't lose much coolant (about 1/3 gallon).

It MAY be that the work on the turbo/etc stressed the piece causing the failure ... certainly the incompetent techs at Bunnin Chevrolet in Santa Barbara screwed up a few other things, so it is definitely possible. But it seems it still shouldn't break. I got it exchanged under the "lifetime warranty" at Auto Zone, where they informed me that the lifetime is up ... just one exchange allowed (contacting Dorman to verify that).

But I am wondering if anyone makes one that is actually better than OEM, or if OEM was finally improved, like they improved the PCV system (kidding ... I know that's still crap). Perhaps I should just keep a few as spares in the garage ...
I used a OEM water outlet around 3 or so years ago. It's already a cheap enough part just get the OEM part. This is actually a easy repair. I also used worm clamps on the repair and even tho some people don't recommend them they seem to be working just fine.
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