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I been reading a lot of threads on subs on here but didn't find what im looking to do. I have installed many stereos since the old pull outs (pre removable faces :)) But when I changed those stereos it was a whole system & had pre amp RCA's. My car is a 2014 ltz with the navigation & pioneer stereo all stock. I was wondering can I just tap into the rear sub wires for audio signal? does it need a crossover to bring the signal to a acceptable
level? Is crossovers still used? :( I been thinking of the premade ones that is on the sticky on the top on audio forum page, but too many combos to choose from :( This is why I been thinking of the good Ole bass tubes that I have had before & been good for price & size. here is a couple of links of what I been looking at. PS I bought a used white bass tube as the link below will show you what I'm talking about. I didn't work , used now I have to send it back. :(

also a link to the wiring diagram for the bass tube. thanks for all your help in advanced

BAZOOKA Mobile Audio - Tech Wiring Diagrams

Bazooka BTA8250D BT Series 160-watt powered 8" Bass Tubes® enclosure at

JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3 MicroSub+â„¢ 250-watt 8" powered subwoofer at

JL Audio ACS110LG-TW1 PowerWedge+â„¢ 10" powered subwoofer at
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