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Hey guys,
New to the group and I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze Ls 1.8.
Currently I have a BNR tune as well as a catback exhaust but my main goal for the car is i want to build an all motor high revving 1.8 and make around 200 hp. Right now with the BNR tune i am shifting around 7k rpm on an automatic transmission. It has been tested by BNR that the engine can rev up to 8200rpm with no major stress to the engine. I have found a potential performance shop that can port my head and I will be also running a zzp header. After that is complete I will have a dealer from BNR there to tune the car so it reaches its max performance.
Here is a list of what I believe I would need and I would love some advice/feedback or direction if someone has done anything similar.

Cylinder Head from a junkyard (so i can have them work on that so i dont have to leave the car there)- around $100-$150? not sure
Ported Head cost- $600
ZZP Header- $299.00
Exhaust Manifold gasket, head gasket (this should all be included in the price of the ported head i believe but i dont know)
Timing belt (because they will probably **** the one up I have)- $50 from what i saw on rockauto
Fluids- Brake fluid, trans fluid, engine oil- $200
NOT SURE if i would need valve springs?

If anyone has any feedback or has done a similar build please respond.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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