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Hey guys,
New to the group and I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze Ls 1.8.
Currently I have a BNR tune as well as a catback exhaust but my main goal for the car is i want to build an all motor high revving 1.8 and make around 200 hp. Right now with the BNR tune i am shifting around 7k rpm on an automatic transmission. It has been tested by BNR that the engine can rev up to 8200rpm with no major stress to the engine. I have found a potential performance shop that can port my head and I will be also running a zzp header. After that is complete I will have a dealer from BNR there to tune the car so it reaches its max performance.
Here is a list of what I believe I would need and I would love some advice/feedback or direction if someone has done anything similar.

If anyone has any feedback or has done a similar build please respond.
I would look into porting the intake manifold, or getting a high flow one made. Porting the head when the manifold is restricting wont do much if anything. As for wanting to bump up the redline, I would highly suggest valve springs, since the 1.4T's already show signs of float above 7K, and I doubt the Chevy engineers would pick the 1.8L to over-engineer. Granted, if BNR has live tested a 1.8L to 8.2K RPM, they would already know if float is an issue.

I suggest you give some thought to your driveline.

Can your transmission, half shafts, hubs, etc. withstand the brute force of the beast you are building?

For example, the diesel variant carries heavier drivetrain equipment, shared in part with the turbo Verano and ATS.
Axles and transmission will be fine. Building 200hp out of a 1.8L is cake walk for transmission/axle components vs. boosted 200hp from a 1.4T Its all hp, with a drop off in tq which is what will grenade an axle/trans. And so far Walker and some others in the Sonic world are pushing 300hp no problem. Trans doesn't differ between the two engines.
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