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Hey everyone so on the way home last night the cruze started throwing a CEL and had a huge decrease in power. Coming down the highway doing 125 km/h it suddently dropped to around 98 km/h and would barely go higher while having the pedal to the floor. Now I'm currently tuned by BNR and my only mods are intake resonator delete, muffler delete, and a AEM intake.

I used my handheld and scanned for codes when I got home and received a ECM P0299 code for turbo under boost, so I've been doing research on what that could possibly be, mean while I cleared the code and flashed back to my stock tune. I've been driving around waiting for this to happen again and so far nothing. I flashed back to my BNR tune and did some driving to see if it would happen again. Still nothing, BUT! Now I'm getting 2 new codes ECM P1100 & ECM P1206 which I think are MAF sensor and fuel injectors? Could anyone give me some information on these codes and what my first steps should be to determine what should be done? I was hoping to flash to stock tune and intake, try to have the car throw the CEL again and have the dealership take a look as I still have 15,000 kms on my warranty but as of now I've had no luck getting it to act the way it did last night.

Any help and information on these 3 codes and what I can do would be great. Thanks.


Also started getting a very loud ticking from around the fuel rail near the rear of the motor, sounds like the EVAP PURGE VALVE is gone. Would any of these codes or anything relate to this or could this tell me what other issues I'm having?
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