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So I have a 2013 cruze ltz it's got 77,000 miles since I have bought the I've had some issues with #1 coolant supply line to the turbo charger had to be replaced then it had another leak about a week later from one of the hoses from the coolant also not sure exactly what hose they replaced but it was 2 I believe. Coolant seems to ok now. But now I have an oil leak and the mechanic that i took it to said it's the O- Ring that goes to the oil filter housing unit on top of that my oil pan gasket is leaking. And I believe he said the transmission seal is leaking. I took pictures when the guy had it up. When I took it to the dealer ship they said that it was gonna cost me 2,300 for my transmission but the other shop I took it to said there was no transmission leak it was the coolant supply line that goes to the turbo charger. And now on top of that he says my driver side front cvc axle is leaking aswell.
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