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Anybody Do the timing belt themselves

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Coming up on the timing belt service and was thinking about doing it myself. Did the one on my 04 TL which was not to bad, not allot of room to work on that side of the engine but got it done. I see the D needs a few special tools, and the kit looks like its a few $$, anybody have any luck with any of the less expensive tools. I may just bite the bullet and buy the kit if I'll end up saving some money my local dealership said 800.00 Parts and labor for the whole job, I have not priced out parts yet though. If you did the job how long did it take you looks like all data says just south of 4 hours?
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Make sure you get the tools to lock the camshaft and crankshaft in place. This is critical. The eBay kit will do the trick for $60. Once you have those 2 pieces locked in place, the rest is fairly straight forward. If you have ever done a TDI timing belt, then the process is exactly the same. I would HIGHLY recommend doing the idler pulley, tensioner pulley, and water pump at the same time. I bought my kit from It is a complete kit with Gates parts. Very pleased so far.

Cruze Diesel Timing Belt Kit - 55580776 - 55580776 -
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