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im planning to replace my oem audio to oem navigation system.

but there is question..

this picture is back side of oem navigation touch screen.

as you can see there is a 2 connecter which is black and the blue one.

i know the black one is main connecter

but i have no idea with the blue one..

can anybody tell me about the blue connecter?

thank you

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i asked to gm korea parts dealer shop.

he says that i have to change the audio silverbox which is navigation software installed.and that silverbox price is $2000:signs053:

and the blue connecter must be main screen connecter like computer moniter connecter...

im pretty shocked with the price OMG.

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I'm curious about what the extra connector is for - unless the nav is really in the screen and the connector is to forward the GPS data. It's going to be several hours before I can check my manual.

I'm pretty sure you can get a used nav radio on eBay for a lot less than that.

thank you for your reply .

first yes i could get a used radios with navigation installed on ebay .

but there is problem with it. i live in korea so i have to get a used radio for korea version.. because the all software is different with the oversea version.

if does the blue connecter is for moniter signal...

the all system is like computer.. audio silver box is computer body... LCD screen is just a monitor!

if im i right... it happens nothing... :(

that means i have to get a new audio silverbox with navigation software installed... haha but its $2000 in here the new one..

its really hard to get a used one.. its pretty rare the factory navigation system included cruze.. koreans doent like the factory navi.. instead they prefer the aftermarket navi

i just want to find out what happens when i put that screen with out changing my audio silverbox :)

and im gonne try it tomorrow at the weekend :) i will post it when its done

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$2000.00 plus another 110 buck for sales tax is exactly what my dealer wanted in 2012 for navigation. Then map updates were something like 200 bucks that came on a 2Gb SD chip that also required a socket inside the console box.

So I said, no thank you.

Got a Garmin instead, talk about luck, my Target store was giving 50% off for just four hours when I walked in. Had both GPs and traffic, 5" screen, and lifetime free maps. Just updated the maps a couple of days ago.

View attachment 143849

Since those suction cups only hold for two seconds, had a piece of 20 mil brass, could call this 0.5 mm, removed that cup, traced the base, left a long tab on the back, secured this to the bottom of the base with a flat head screw and covered it with felt. That AC outlet unsnaps, twisted the tab around it and snap the outlet back in, firm, doesn't rattle, and no mods to the car.

Removed the guts from the cigar plug, wrapped that in foam and hard wired it to the onstar fuse in the panel behind the fuse door. No cords dangling all over the place.

Also has a micro SD slot, got an Italy chip for 25 bucks, plugged that in, and worked perfectly in Italy. Try this with an OE navigational receive.

Wife wasn't very pleased at first they way I mounted it because she couldn't see. Ha, just replied, if you want to know if we are there yet, we still have 63 miles to go. But when she got behind the wheel, said I couldn't have picked a better spot.

We also have a couple extra thousand bucks in the bank.

thats funny :)

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Not 100% sure but I know on the monochromatic units there is only a black plug. I could be wrong..

yes your 1000% right, in the monochromatic units has only black plug on it

i found out there's a 2 different types with oem LCD version which are navi version and non navi version.

hm... the blue connecter is mystery
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