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anyone can tell me? about oem touchscreen back panel?

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im planning to replace my oem audio to oem navigation system.

but there is question..

this picture is back side of oem navigation touch screen.

as you can see there is a 2 connecter which is black and the blue one.

i know the black one is main connecter

but i have no idea with the blue one..

can anybody tell me about the blue connecter?

thank you
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Sams is BARELY in business and will not have anything this new
Did some more digging and that connector is there on the color displays, not clear if it goes directly to the 44 pin connector to the radio
it is shielded digital video out of the radio, the video for on screen displays including GPS-rear vision etc. appear to be generated out of the radio
so if he has the right radio it will work if the right wires are there, looks like pins 2, 3 and 16 of the 44pin connector are where they come in
I don't see a clear diagram where the color change might be but defiantly goes to those pins, now his real challenge will be if the radio he has supports
that particular color display and both firmware's are compatible--I'm not seeing where the display firmware can even be updated even with the GM special tool
so the radio firmware looks like it's the only one that could be changed, from what I see there is a radio meant for the color touch screen with GPS, possibly another with GPS AND rear view camera and possibly another WITHOUT any GPS--all would have different firmware and likely need matching firmware in the display
GEEZ--glad I'm retired and have time to research crap like this !!
All this "smart" stuff in our life's now, which is starting to exceed the average persons intelligence to run !!!
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The thing I noticed in my manual is the first page showed radio and display - all well and good. But a few pages later it showed radio and display with UHQ (the nav feature). Completely different. The first page should have been labeled "without UHQ", but it wasn't.
Understand the newer Cruze's dropped the GPS cost down to 700 bucks, ha, still way too expensive for what you are getting, and still getting nailed to the wall for map updates.

Seems like whenever I switch on my smart phone, google and others, seems to have three different map programs on it, google and others are updating the maps. Took me awhile to get as smart as my phone, found a button in that super long menu list that it will only up load when I am in WiFi mode. Otherwise I was eating up my data.

It didn't work in Italy because I didn't lay out a fortune for a sim chip, but could get an idea of the trips we planned on taking in our apartment where we had WiFi.

Chevy could offer GPS as standard equipment for only a couple of bucks more, this is all it costs. Use google for free, but then you will have to pay for a data plan.

Google on my phone also has turn by turn navigation with a voice. Tired it once on a 35 mile trip with the phone in my shirt pocket. But sure ran up my data usage. And seem to have problems finding points of interest.

Almost purchased a 7" GPS last Black Friday, prices really dropped on these things, but didn't think it would fit. But now I feel it would fit, ha, will wait until next Black Friday.

In looking at new car prices, can easily add another $15,000 for so-called convenience items. Still the same body, engine, and drivetrain for all this crap that will lead to even more problems.

Really an eye opener is to see what the trade-in value is with all this way overpriced junk is when the vehicle is a couple of years old.
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Here is where I put mine Nick, love it up there and it is easily removable to use elsewhere, it's a 7" Magellan with free lifetime map updates


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Here is where I put mine Nick, love it up there and it is easily removable to use elsewhere, it's a 7" Magellan with free lifetime map updates

Thought about that, how did you manage the power cord? Too lazy to pull the dash.

Ha, wife insisted on get GPS, can't blame her, this country was new to her. First one was a TomTom, was quite expensive, this had to be over ten years ago, they wanted something like 67 bucks for a map update. Was cheaper to buy a Garmin for 99 bucks with free map updates.

One thing I did like about the old TomTom was showing compass headings in degrees, but they quit doing this. Now N, NW, W, ect. Cost more money to do this, 45* increments so any displayed heading can be +/- 22.5 degrees, not good when using this in a boat or walking in the woods.

We had a 400 trip today to visit our daughter in Milwaukee with lots of road construction. Not that they need it, was using their roads for my own proving grounds. Said screw you GPS, I know a better way.

Now Milwaukee has one way roads where you drive several blocks then the one way is the other way? Wonder what brain came up with this.

We also have a netbook with Microsoft Streets and Maps on with a real GPS dongle. Wife was playing with that for awhile then got bored.

Worse GPS we have is a Dell Axim 5, screen is way to small to see it, has voice turn by turn, but in a city would say intersection ahead, drive straight, at every block would drive you nuts. Then every couple of hours would crash, had to reload it by pushing five buttons at the same time while hitting the 6th 90 times per second. Ha, still like brand new in the box, wonder if I could put this on ebay and get a buck for it.

A lot has changed over the last ten years except for automotive OE navigation. Should advertise, do you want to get screwed blue, we can do this to you.
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Thought about that, how did you manage the power cord? Too lazy to pull the dash.

Actually a 2 second job to pull the dash pod, lift the rubber pad take out 2 screws and pull up on latch side
I put a 12V outlet in the back of the pod, handy for the gps or hiding cell phone as it charges-running wire at first seemed imposable but a piece of cake
the 7" Magellan is made for motorhomes and fits perfect side-side and my quick release cork holder wedges it in there tight and the right angle
Hey, good idea to set it in the storage compartment.

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