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I'm going to make an appt at the dealer, but was curious if anyone else has had this issue. My wife opened the passenger side vanity mirror cover the other night, and the lights didn't come on. I opened mine, and they too stayed off. I tried both map lights to no avail. All other interior lights (dash, dome light etc) were fine. I checked the sunroof and it worked ok.

After playing with the sunroof, she opened up the vanity mirror again, and the lights came on! We tested the map lights, and those too powered on. I opened up my vanity mirror and no dice. And then all the other aforementioned problem lights stopped working as well.

Repeated the process with the sunroof and lights started working again, till I tested the driver side vanity mirror and that seemed to kill everything again.

Rather annoying, so hopefully not a major issue at the dealer.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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