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Never had that problem with my 30 Olds, had a dome light also with a switch, when you wanted it on, close the switch, off, switch it off. No door switches to go bad. And no microcontroller to read code from flashram to do this.

Yet another newly created problem, an automated wire cutter would also strip off about 3/16" of an inch off the insulation that would drop into a bucket. Someone had to empty that bucket and have it recycled. The terminals were clinched solid to bare wire with an addition crimp to hold the terminal to the insulation for extra support.

To kill this job emptying that bucket, an insulation displacement connector was developed with a tiny brass triangle that is suppose to piece the insulation and make a point contact with the bare copper wire on the inside. Dissimilar metals are making contact, first mistake, second is that triangle can go in at an angle not making good contact.

So with a real switch and a real crimp, this was never a problem before, but is now. But marketing calls this convenience. Kind of question this when this convenience can cost you a small fortune to repair it when your vehicle quickly goes out of warranty.

Also a lot of sci-fi movies on this subject where automation replaces our brains.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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