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Anyone ever try a Borg Warner EFR6758 turbo, with other performance mods of course...

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is there anyone wanting more power out of there Cruze?

Ive seen the videos on YouTube already just wanting to know if anyone has tried different turbos configurations and performance fabrications

feel free to post any other ideas or maybe builds thats going on now in this thread....LOL please no haters, I know theres people out there that want more

power out of their 1.4T .....Our cars replaced the Cobalt dont forget
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The cost of having an exhaust manifold and custom downpipe made becomes a major limitation to getting a bigger turbo installed. For this reason, I recommend getting the BNR GTX turbo.

BNR GTX14 1.4T Turbocharger Kit

The BNR GTX, along with upgraded valve springs, will net an extra 75hp and 120lb-ft of torque in the top end, where this engine is most lacking.

BNR Valve Springs for 1.4T LUV/LUJ
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