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I am probably the one in a million. For some reason, the Tune did not go well with my 2012 Eco. The data logs I sent in came back all good. i did use 89 octane in my car and maybe that had a negatvie impact on the performance. Either something about the Tune, me or the car did not make it a good fit for me. As I have often said, it is the driver not the car(the tune comes with a lead filled right shoe and it caused the turbo to kick in to much). If you are set on getting the tune. I would get it if I were you. It definitely wakes the car up and more drivable. When ti comes to the warranty, don't worry about it the tune has a transparency mode that makes it indetectable. Unless a problem with your car can be directly linkted to the tune it will no effect the warranty. So don't let that stop you!
this new version they are rolling out has a few more maps so you can run 89 w/o similar issues.

Originally Posted by iedgar10
does the trifecta tune affect powertrain warranty?

Short Answer: Yes

"Long Answer: No. Your tune will come undetectable and you can reflash to the stock tune before sending it to the shop. No ECU rewrites are recorded with this tune. Even with the tune enabled, most dealerships won't notice a change unless they drive it in semi-manual mode (AKA now sport mode), if they put it in drive it will actually be a little less powerful than stock to gain nice MPG (Eco-mode).

*I am not an expert, but this is my understanding from following this thread and others."

Above was a conversation that was had in the latest Trifecta Group buy.
I had my cc button on when I had it towed into the dealership and got it back with the cc button off. Miles didn't change and no burnt clutch smell from any unauthorized launches to see if it's there or not.

My 2 regrets are not getting the tune day 3 of ownership and not waiting till the October 2014 tune was released. Can't wait till we get the updated version.
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