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I am probably the one in a million. For some reason, the Tune did not go well with my 2012 Eco. The data logs I sent in came back all good. i did use 89 octane in my car and maybe that had a negatvie impact on the performance. Either something about the Tune, me or the car did not make it a good fit for me. As I have often said, it is the driver not the car(the tune comes with a lead filled right shoe and it caused the turbo to kick in to much). If you are set on getting the tune. I would get it if I were you. It definitely wakes the car up and more drivable. When ti comes to the warranty, don't worry about it the tune has a transparency mode that makes it indetectable. Unless a problem with your car can be directly linkted to the tune it will no effect the warranty. So don't let that stop you!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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