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Its not entirely obvious in the photo the OP posted, but there is a small lever you flip out of a notch that opens the drain, so you don't need any tools to drain the oil. You can attach a hose to drain directly into a container or jug with no mess.

Also solves 2 issues with my Subaru. The opening for the drain is super massive so the oil comes out violently instead of a calm stream making a mess inside the front drivers tire even if you use a lift. 2nd issue is everytime you break the drain plug loose, you have to put a new crush washer on. Unlike our o rings on the filter housing, the spin on filters don't come with a crush washer for Subaru. That's another $1-3 item taxed onto the overpriced blue Fram if you go with the dealership parts. I guess you can say I had mine for 7 years now, but the location of it is not like the Cruze where it's in harms way.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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