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With my testing on this, still leaves about a quart of that old dirty rotten contaminated oil in the bottom of the pan. Not my way of doing an oil change.

Haven't tried this on the Cruze, but will be interesting after putting it from the top to learn how much of that old oil is left in that pan. Even like to use that half a quart extra in a five quart bottle and pour that in to let it drain, even that comes out dirty.

Another way to learn this, with the 1.4L draining it, takes exactly 4 1/2 quarts to bring the oil level up on the dip stick, vehicle sitting level to the full mark. How much oil are you adding?
I haven't had a problem with it - I checked the oil amount the first time I used it (I was a bit dubious) and it came out at ~4.5 quarts.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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