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Anyone using a Fumoto valve?

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Anybody? On my 1.4L Cruze, the drain plug was on the bottom so I might be worried about having anything sticking further down. On my work beater Cavalier, the drain plug sticks out the side of the oil sump so I decided to put one on it. The valve just showed up today. It's made of forged brass and seems very substantial. The Cavalier, like the Cruze, uses a cartridge style oil filter accessible from the top of the engine. Seems like with this valve, DIY oil changes will be very clean. Does anyone have one on their Cruze, and what engine do you have?/where is your drain plug located?
Brass Metal

-By the way, the nipple on the end is for attaching a hose. It came with 3 hose end adapters that clip on quite snugly. This is to allow you to drain oil directly into a container for recycling. Bloody brilliant.
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Oil filter for the 454 CID engine is huge, only a $1.75 for a top brand filter.

Sure getting robbed for this piece of paper for the Cruze. Opened up one of those large cans to see what the inside looks like, heck of a lot more filter than these tiny little things. Doesn't seem right. Manual claims these cartridges are more environmentally friendly and economical. Gathering the guy that wrote this didn't go shopping.
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Injection-molding the plastic housing is a lot more expensive than stamping steel for your typical can oil filter.

The cartridge filters work fantastic, and sit in the engine, rather than being external and hanging off it - so less oil is needed. They're also a bit lighter, and easier to package. They filter just as well, if not better. But yes, they do cost more.

I usually pick up a Delco filter for the Cav for under $4 at Advance Auto, while my Cobalt's filter runs about $7-8 for the Delco. It evens out, since I run the Cobalt's oil twice as long.
Interesting concept...
This concept has been around for many years and for a few cars it IS helpful (as is the oil filter relocation kit) however for our cars.......not so much!
Great idea for Honda owners. Constantly pulling out threads on Honda aluminum oil pans.
Double for first generation Insight owners with magnesium pans.
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