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Anyone With Experiance Doing Body Work Here?

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Don`t mean to gripe here, but............ I have been driving a 1997 GMC 2-Door, 4WD Yukon for the last 16 years! Has 200K on it and I have taken very good care of it. Still runs good, the interior is near flawless (some wear on the leather seats), and the body is near perfect! Not a scratch, ding, paint chip, NOTHING! 16 YEARS!
So how is it while washing my new 6 week old CRUZE for the first time I notice a paint chip on the top side of the left rear wheel well. 16 years NOTHING. Now 6 weeks I`m looking for paint! Increadable.

I have played with 'TOUCHING -UP' chips before with some more desirable outcomes. Anyone here know how to do it right? Seems the divit the missing paint leaves needs to be filled before painting to do it right?

Also, anyone with an inexpensive location for buying the paint?
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Depends on how you got that chip, if someone banged their car door into it, you are dead. If the body was not prepared, causing that chip, should be covered under warranty.

My Chevy dealer has the latest state of the art body shop with a good guy running it. Can tell you what he would say, entire panel should be stripped down, primed and painted.

Some rammed a shopping cart leaving a inch inch long eighth inch wide scratch in my rear bumper side all the way down to the black on a white car. Did get some Dupli-color and very carefully dabbed in with several coats to build up that hole. Sanded it down very carefully with 1000 grit wet dry sandpaper, then finished it off with polishing compound and a power buffer. If you get down on your hands and knees with the bright light, can still see the color difference.

Just said the heck with that, never notice it standing up. White is suppose to be an easy color to match, but when I talk to my body man, none of these new Cruze colors are easy to match. Just a tiny shade whiter where I made that repair.
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