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I've had two updates since the original Trifecta group buy. The 1st update helped with a slightly touchy pedal that I could have lived with since I have an auto trans. However, with the original and 1st update the transmission would hold each gear way too long. Even with a very light foot and it would not shift into 6th below 55mph. In manual mode I could get it to shift sooner into each gear and I could get it into 6th at 42mph.

The 2nd update helped with holding each too long compared to the first but it still wants to shift at 3000+ rpm if I'm over 10% APP (accelerator pedal position). If I'm under 10% APP it shifts between 2000-2500 rpm which is fine. But this threshold needs to be changed to 20-25% because sometimes light acceleration requires a little more than 10% APP. Also it will not shift into 6th gear under 50mph with 10% or less APP. I don't use manual mode as much with this 2nd update but now in manual mode it won't shift into 6th until 47mph.

The extra power is great, I don't have any complaints about the motor. But, I would just like the trans to shift like it did when it was stock
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1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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