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Michael, after driving with new tune for a while I don't feel I have a touchy throttle really anymore. I think most of us were use to pushing harder to get moving so you have to change how you drive the car. Kind of like if you had V6 truck then went to a V8 you would have to change how you give it gas.

The only thing that is see is when at highway speeds like say 70 it feels the turbo is loaded already and my gas mileage is suffering some. Only about 3-4 but definitely a little less. Just giving it a little more gas and its at 80 like nothing. That seems a little to aggressive.

I also wouldn't mind with soft throttle at slow speeds it would shift a little quicker since it has the power to move fine in 6th at 40mph.

I have sent in my logs, just waiting for a response.
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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