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Got my updated tune today, installed it after work. While I didn't feel that initial smash of boost to my face like the select a tune did, its more of what I'm looking for and am happier to be driving something fun again! Only drove around for about 15 minutes, but was getting used to the pedal travel, definitely a difference but so was their other version. I'm sure it'll be easy to get used to this one just like the last tune they put out. The power seems to have a MUCH smoother powerband, and at first would rev up to 4k rpm, but after driving it for a few miles it started to go down to about 3.5k-low 3'ish until it would upshift. The install took about 9 minutes with the transparency option enabled. Much quicker than the last tune! Can't wait to drive to work tomorrow so I get to try it out again, I need to look up how to datalog so I can make sure everything is ok, feels good though! Thanks for the quick reply, and the excellent update so far!
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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