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Posted on the facebook group as well

In South New Jersey I have:
3 AcDelco diesel oil filters
One set of new OEM wiper blades
A complete set of like new OEM all weather floor mats including trunk.
Weather tech sunshade model specific for all 1st Gen Cruze
My like new low mileage diesel met an unfortunate demise due to a driver who wasn’t paying attention. Make me a somewhat reasonable offer for whatever you want and you can have it. Thanks for all the knowledge over the years.

I also have: New OEM carpet floor mats. (In a box ready to ship)
OEM headlight switch
OEM front bumper black panel filler pieces (I put fog lights in my car.)

And the OEM wiper frame with air blade, no wiper insert

Also have Atlantis Blue Metallic touch up paint and a replacement microphone.
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Not open for further replies.