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Attention Australian Members--looking for part number and a reputable dealer

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Good day gentlemen,

Im thinking of changing the 'ol Chevy and turning into a Holden...yes i know this will degrade the value, who running this thing till it im sure theres plenty of kids in Hialeah that would take the car the way it is and some (iKerm and Calix know what im talking about). Anyways, can any member down under provide the part number for:

-Engine bay cover
-Door sill
-2013 SRi-V grill
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I have the front bumper and grill properly sourced for what I need. The difficult components are the items listed. Also in need of a tow hook cover.
iKerm...heres a sneak peak as to what I am planning. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Bumper
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I didnt forget what the current series 2 Sri-v looks like, however I am not 100% with the look of th e stock bumper. I am basically trying to create a one-off custom and rid all chevyness from the vehicle. I am highly fond of the Holden logo and I believe this is the closest I can get to an HSV/ ss styling for the Cruze. I just wanted to remain consistent with the badging not the overall return to stock look.

Sent from Free App thing maybe you can guide me on...I would prefer a series 1 bumper but had no luck finding one on or any parts shop in australia..the closest I found was a Daewoo Lacetti but required a minimum purchase of 10..

Sent from Free App familiar with the Walkinshaw Cruze but I dislike the new series 2 bumper style only because there are no nice lips for it and they sell some nice addons to the series 1 style. As far as the grill, I am highly fond of the new sri-v dechromed. I saw the same bumpers on ebay but they are local pickup only and neither vendor had replied to my inquiries.

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i have a 2013 sriv grill if your interested ?
Did the grill size/fitment change during the series changes..meaning does it have the same dimension as the grill on your 1st generation style?
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