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Brand new unopened
JL Audio HD 600/4

JL Audio C5-650 comps

JL Audio clean sweep

Mosconi 6 to 8 dsp

Mosconi rcd

JL Audio cl-ssi

I have more equipment if anyone is looking for anything I have just about everything you could ever need. All really high end stuff. All price are negotiable. All products listed are directly from me a jl dealer we had some left over stock and before I list on ebay/amazon I want my cruze community to have first shot at it.

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Really nice equipment.
Im in the process of doing an install in my daughters 2011 LT , no navi or Pioneeer.
So far, Two Kicker CompVX 2ohm DVC 10's ,Custom built ported box 1.5 cubic feet per sub. 2 ohm load @ Hiphonics Brutus BRX2016.1D (1x1400 @ 2 ohm).
3.0 farad cap
0 gauge wiring and big 3 upgrade.
Over sized AGM battery.
Polk Audio DB6501 component set front doors and a pillars.
Polk Audio DB651 rear doors.
Have a Polk Audio PA660.4 amp I plan to install for mids/highs tomorrow.

I was planning on going with the MiniDSP setup, but now Im seeing several newer options for sound processing.
Can you tell me the advantages/disadvantages of using the JL Audio or Mosconi setups you have ?
Also, what are you asking for your equipment ?
Thanks in advance.
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