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Audio Formats Supported?

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I have been reading the owner's manual and am a bit confused as to what audio formats are supported by the CD player. I see the USB port supports MP3 and WMA. I see references to MP3 support on the CD section, but I have tons of CDs that are AAC format. Can the Cruze CD player handle these or do I have to burn new CDs for the car in MP3 format? It would be nice if I could just drop my current audio library onto a memory stick, but it looks like I will have to create an MP3 only library for that purpose. Thanks.

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The manual says mp3 and wma, it will only play those or an audio CD via the CD player, or mp3/wma via usb... and so far, I'm seeing that it dosent like VBR mp3 files, just CBR
what kind of issues have you been having? No problems with vbr here, although I've done all my listening via usb. CD player has yet to be touched.
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