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Audio Formats Supported?

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I have been reading the owner's manual and am a bit confused as to what audio formats are supported by the CD player. I see the USB port supports MP3 and WMA. I see references to MP3 support on the CD section, but I have tons of CDs that are AAC format. Can the Cruze CD player handle these or do I have to burn new CDs for the car in MP3 format? It would be nice if I could just drop my current audio library onto a memory stick, but it looks like I will have to create an MP3 only library for that purpose. Thanks.

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The manual says mp3 and wma, it will only play those or an audio CD via the CD player, or mp3/wma via usb... and so far, I'm seeing that it dosent like VBR mp3 files, just CBR
Thanks for the update. I guess I will just upgrade the audio player on the home PC to be able to write MP3 format to a memory stick. I just picked up a 16 GB stick at Sam's and that should hold my entire music collection. As long as I don't exceed the 10,000 song limit on the Cruze stereo, I should be OK. Looks like the system will get a workout searching for songs! I guess it will be better than the 6 CD player that is in our Protege5 now.
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