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Audio head unit issues

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So on my 2012 with the regular stereo today I had an interesting thing happen. My stereo went completely off like it lost power then came back on. Happened intermittently, like there was a loose wire in the dash. Anyone had a similar issue?
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Yes. It could be software, or it could be the negative battery cable (which has an extended warranty).
Mine shut off a few times today while I was driving 75 MPH+. Was the first time ever. It happened when I was passing someone and triggered from the turn signal. I THINK the power steering also loss power, because I felt the steering become stiff immediately after my music shut off. This occurred about 10 miles into driving. I pulled over and checked my Negative Terminal which was secure (left the car running).

After that, I noticed it triggering every time I used my blinkers and brakes, but this time the Power Steering was not affected. Blinkers, Brake Lights and the Low/High Headlights all triggered the stereo shutting off.

While driving, I switched to Neutral and shut the engine off and restarted it. Thereafter, the issue must've corrected itself.

2011 Cruze ECO MT
I have had this happen on my 2013 LT when I am connected via Bluetooth to my iPhone 7 Plus. I have only had the car for just under 2 months now and likely need to look into a software update for my stereo.

What Source are you listening to when this happens?
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