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All members are eligible and encouraged to enter!

Entries must be made by August 20th. Voting will begin August 21st, and end on August 31st.

The winner will receive:
-A $25 discount code from Bad News Racing
-A pair of Diode Dynamics' HP3 license plate lights.
-A COTM badge and a reserved place in the "COTM Hall of Fame".
-NEW: Your car will be featured on the CruzeTalk Facebook page.

Contest Rules
Make a post in this thread with the following Information:
Descriptive Thread Title: ie: John's Featured Cruze
Submission Name: John Doe (Full Name Optional)
Location: State, City
Info: Car Year, Make, Model, Trim
Stock Options: XM, Onstar ....
Modifications: (Separate Categories: Exterior, Interior, Engine, Future plans, Other info: {shows/awards won})
Display up to 10 "QUALITY" and well deserving images following the text above.

Entry Rules: You must be the owner of the Cruze you are submitting. 10 images max. One submission per member per month. Past winners may enter again after 6 months from the original winning date. You will NOT be added to the voting thread without a submission in THIS thread.

Admin reserves the right to amend these rules as necessary, at any time. No discussions in this thread. Just submissions.

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Kace Rainsbarger

R.E.D. Speed Wagon
2018 LT Hatch Auto
XM Radio
Boost Gauge installed, interior trim done, valve cover painted, door seal protectors installed


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Where's the interior pics?
I decided not to add them because some of it looks like doo-doo. The boost gauge isn't the same color (I bought it out of necessity, boost gauge was given to me). It is also drilled in and doesn't line up right. I accidentally got some JB Weld on the interior pieces as well. And the interior is dirty and there is some trash (Didn't want to post that).

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My Car: Silverback
Submission Name: Russ Belcher
Location: Southwestern Virginia
State, City Info: Bristol, VA.
2014 Chevrolet Cruze 2.0L TD.
Stock Options: XM, ONSTAR, Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Touchscreen Backup Camera / Infotainment.

Exterior: Vinyl black out Emblems, Vinyl Hashmark Strips Above fenders, U-Bar Projector LED headlights, BMW style tail lights (Red Smoke), Daytime Running LEDs, Chrome Door / mirror / Gas Door 3M accessories, Turbodiesel Badge.

Interior: Blackout Chevy Emblem in Wheel, Huskyliner Front & Rear set, Seat Covers to protect front seats.

Engine: None at this time.

Future plans: Fleece Race Tune W/ Delete, 17” Aftermarket Rims and tires to replace stock in October, Exhaust and possible diffuser modification after tune or at same time as tune and delete.

Other info: Vinyl Hashmarks can’t be seen in current photos as they were done the day following photos.


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