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I have a 2016 Cruze with the push button start and the auto shut off feature. I have just under 6,000 miles on my car and have loved it up until last Monday. Starting last Monday afternoon my car stalls out while driving home in bumper to bumper traffic. It will go into auto stop and when I take my foot off the break the check engine light comes on and I have to put the car in park and re-start the car.
After the 4th time of this happening I took it to the dealer. They hooked it up to the computer and said there is absolutely nothing wrong with my car. The tech drove it around and it never stalled, of course.... I get the car back and it stalls the very next day. The dealer says they can't help because everything they have checked says my car is perfect. I live in Rochester, NY our rush hour traffic is no where near what it is in other cities.... But I still feel very unsafe having a car that stalls out randomly on a busy expressway. Thankfully it only happens after being in a complete stop.
I have googled this issue and have done everything I can possibly think of to find out what is wrong with my car. I'm not really sure how this forum works... But i'm hoping that someone out there might have some suggestions or even better... Have had this happen to them!
I was told the last time I talked to the technician at the dealer to video tape myself driving home so he can see it happen on camera. Which might be the next safest thing to do while driving next to driving a car that stalls out!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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