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Hmmm. a 2010 is not USA, if the same, USA is 8.45 quarts, Filled to the top of that side fill plug when cold, you, but do have to run the engine a bit to get rid of the air pockets.

If removing that top plug lets fluid drip on your face, you know its full. Should have lowered the price on a new Cruze by eliminating the dip stick. Vehicle also has to be level.

To save a buck in production, made this job miserable if you are a do it yourself kind of guy, or charge you a small fortune if you have to pay your dealer to do it for you. In doing our homework, said screw you GM, we want a manual. Was all set to buy a 2011 Eco, but was told the only way to get spare tire was to order one with an automatic. Walked out the door.

Bypassed the LS, didn't want to screw around adding cruise control, came out with the 2012 2LT and finally was able to buy a car with a manual transmission and a spare tire, but now this is history.

If I can't find anything new from somebody else, will go backwards. I am considering a 1984 Ford pickup to be a luxury vehicle with a rusty body and a good drive train. Looks so bad, nobody will want to park next to it can bang up the doors with their doors, even if they did, wouldn't notice it. And no need to buy a way overpriced scanner so I know what the heck is the wrong with it.

Ha, another option if we don't like what's going around here, is to change countries.
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