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I looked through a few pages and didn't really see any dedicated auto vs manual mpg.

I have had several TDi's in the past and a 13' Eco M6.

I am looking to pick up a new 18' Hatch but it seems like to get a loaded one you MUST option the auto which IMO is just dumb.

I really like the drivers confidence package, leather and RS trim.

Anyhow I took a brand new 18' sedan M6 for a spin. I like it until I tried to build one online with the options I wanted. :(

I am going back tomorrow to drive an auto. I hope I like it so I can order one how I like it sans the trans.e

I am very skeptical that the auto can't get the same if not better economy than the manual.

From what I have found online regarding ratios so far it seems like the auto has every advantage ratio wise over the 6 speed especially in top gear.

Anyhow, Let's hear what you're getting.

Post up Auto or manual

Approx Miles

Mostly highway, city, mixed

Thanks all!
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